How to Stay Lyfted in Quarantine?

By Blogs Deeply Rooted

How to Stay Lyfted in Quarantine?

By: Blogs Deeply Rooted

Staying Lyfted is when your mind is at ease. Staying Lyfted is a way of practicing self- love and a form of self-care. What better time to Stay Lyfted than during a time like this one? This outbreak with our good sis Corona has everyone going insane. While you are cooped up in the house, wherever you are think to yourself. What is it that I can do to Stay Lyfted? Let me enlighten you on one way. CANNABIS! In other words, WEED!

Cannabis is not only becoming legalized but people are using this opportunity to capitalize off it. Such as Kristal Bush who is someone, I love to refer to as a girl boss genius! I met Kristal 2 years ago during my senior year in high school. I was working on a project that had do with substances that weren’t always legalized like Cannabis. She was running a prison van service at the time, Bridging the Gap LLC. She was providing transportation services to bridge the gap between families and their incarcerated loved ones. As, you can see Kristal has and continues to bridge the gaps in many communities. Not only locally but, now on a larger scale through Cannabis. She does so with her new lifestyle, brand and business Stay Lyfted.

Now, how do you Stay Lyfted during quarantine?

You can start by EDUCATING yourself on Cannabis! I was ignorant to there have being a feminine Cannabis experience. Like many us may have. I can admit my ignorance stemmed from the stigmas associated with women using cannabis. Growing up using cannabis seemed to be male dominated. There are females who use cannabis. We can all agree the scrutiny, judgement and criticism wasn’t and still doesn’t seem to be the same.

Kristal was diagnosed with depression and PTSD and was prescribed Medical Marijuana as way to coupe. She herself has come across the same scrutiny, judgment and criticism many other women face. She was able to embrace it and founded Stay Lyfted.

I learned from Stay Lyfted that 60% of women hide the fact they used cannabis. Kristal is the the voice for the voiceless. Stay Lyfted has given me leverage in understanding as to why the people I know may use Cannabis. It can also do the same for you.

Another way to stay lyfted is by getting INVOLVED! There is always a business side to things. Corona think she may be stopping bags but NOT this one. Kristal’s lifestyle and personal connection not only makes her an expert but gives her the ability to consult with you. You know your doing quarantine and chill with your phone. You are probably on Instagram more than ever now Follow @Staylyfted_ and schedule a free 15-minute strategy call with her. Trust me you know Corona gave you a lot of time on your hands. Don’t let an opportunity like this one to educate yourself, get some coins, and finesse our corrupt system pass you.

Just before you go for your convenience and safety you can purchase the new StayLyfted Canna- Starter kit! It includes all the cute must haves while getting Lyfted. NO puff, puff, pass and enough supply for you to stay yo a** at home ! Be safe with this pandemic everyone.

Don’t forget while you’re at it to Stay Lyfted!



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