Way To Instantly Feel Happier

By Kristal Bush

Way To Instantly Feel Happier

Everyone desires to be happy, but we know that that’s not the case all the time. Our moods can shift due to so many factors like the thoughts we are thinking, our physical environments, people’s actions, and words, and so on. 

Sometimes you can’t shake it off, but instead of allowing it to determine your mood the whole day, you can choose to do some things that make you happy instantly. You need to realize that you must create your own happiness. 

Though some factors that affect our happiness are out of our control, there are a couple of actions we could take to get our groove back on.

When my mood is off, and I want to feel happy instantly, here are some things I do.

  1.   Listen to upbeat music: The key is to listen to music that gives you good vibes, not sad songs that make you think more. So I have a playlist I have created for when I am feeling unhappy, and immediately I plug in my earphones, I feel my grove coming back. Create that playlist of your favorite groovy jams and bop your head to it while you release the negative energies.

  1.   Take a walk: Sometimes, you need to get away from your immediate environment that’s affecting your mood and clear your head. Nothing says, clearing your head like taking a walk. So stand up straight, roll your shoulders back and do your happy walk.

  1.   Call a friend or chat with a friend: We all have that one friend who we can call and would immediately lighten our spirits. If you don’t, you need to get one ASAP. Sometimes all you need is a listening ear, and you are feeling better in no time. 

  1.   Dance or sing or anything: You don’t have to know how to dance or sing to do a little dance and sing on top of your voice. When I feel sad, I start dancing, and then I start laughing at myself because I can’t dance to save my life or I start singing and I aint no Diana Ross. Lol. 

  1.   Watch some funny videos: There’s so much entertaining content online, you don’t even have to search far. Go online and laugh your heart out to some funny videos.

  1.   Some good ol’ indica: Yes Yes... You know as well as I do that some Bubba kush can instantly give your mood a 180 degrees turn around. Come on, smoke some kush, and put yourself in a happy mood and some full-body relaxation. Get your kush on, Relax your muscles, evaporate stress

Find your happy place, whatever works for you. You don’t have to wait until later to be happy. Be happy now.


Stay Lyfted.


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